Develop your Gold Medal Sales Team with my 6-month Adoption model without the stress of spending all your time and energy behind your sales team for achieving the sales target!

Let me Adopt your entire sales team, for the next 6 months and start Overachieving your Sales Target Effortlessly!

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As a Business Owner, are you still busy doing sales in spite of having a sales team and yet not achieving your sales targets?

⚫ Is your sales team missing out on Achieving their sales target?

Have you spent decent amount of time and money in training your sales team and yet not getting the results you want?

⚫ Are you unable to create a motivating work culture for your sales team consistently?

Is your sales team not performing as per your expectations?

⚫ Do you spend most of your time behind sales and pushing your sales team month after month?

⚫ Is lack of structured sales reporting not allowing your Business to grow exponentially?

If yes, then you must know that all business owners are sharing the same pain, you are not alone.

 If your sales team converts into a Gold Medal Sales Team nobody can stop you from Overachieving your sales target month on month and growing your Business Exponentially!



In these 6-months your Sales Team would be getting practical Training which will help develop their Selling Skills and Mindset to overachieve their sales target.



Your sales team will be mentored on how to use their learning into Implementation for their day-to-day sales calls and meetings.



Like every champion and gold medalist, your team will be nurtured with care and compassion on not just developing their skills but also their habits, beliefs, and Attitude of becoming an Achiever.

Success Stories

Growth in Customer Base!

Being in Sales field from more than a decade now, I was sure that I know it All! But training with Ms. Dhara J. Rajpara changed my perception about sales and TARGET. It not only helped the whole organization to come on the same platform but also increased our client base. Her training is conducted in such a way that any individual can implement it easily for improving sales. I do highly recommend her training and as she says ‘Let the Magic happen!!’ 

Kalpa Matani

Doubled His Sales!

I doubled my sales in the immediate next month after joining the course! 1st month after the course I achieved highest Sales till now in 4 years and 2nd month direct double!!! I am very thankful to Dhara for making Sales effortless for me!

Kartik Joshi

Gratitude for being Completely Booked!

I am so glad I got on this program. My Sales had hit an all time low in the past 4 months. In the 1st week of training itself I started getting orders & by the end of it I am completely booked! The training made Sales Effortless and Achievable. A Must-do for Everyone!

Angel Rajguru

Our Work Steps


Fill Up The Form

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Team Follow Up

After receiving your Google form one of our team members will get in touch with you to walk you through the process


Final Meet

Before onboarding your business for our 6-month adoption model, a final google meet will be scheduled with Ms. Dhara and your journey towards developing a Gold Medal Sales Team will begin:)


Dhara J. Rajpara

For more than the last 8 years, I have been mentoring thousands of Entrepreneurs, Corporates, and Professionals to excel and skyrocket their business growth by bridging the gap between Learning & Implementation.

In the realm of sales where conversion of prospects to customers is becoming extremely challenging, hectic & tedious job, in order to create a sustainable solution for this, I have built this " 6-Month Adoption Model ", with the help of my sheer sales and coaching experience, so that the entire process of sales becomes very gullible and actionable. The main intention behind this whole model is to empower every sales individual with undying sales wisdom which attracts abundance in their life and makes them an Over-Achiever!!

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